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Bannock Criterium Pro 1/2 Men

The Race!

   You race in the field for the entire race. Part way into the race, you pass a crash in turn #7 and later you are almost crashed by a mountain biker riding like he is the only person on a single track trail. McCarthy (Belgian Brewery) and Vand de Velde (USPS) lap. After half way, a chase group forms off the front. Joby Siciliano ( Tokyo Joes ) can be seen attacking and successfully bridging.

Course Description

   The course is a 1+ mile, 8 turn criterium located in Denver, Colorado. The course is relatively flat, with about a 5 meter drop between turns 5 and 6 and then a 5 meter gain from turns 7 to 8. The road surface is asphalt and varies from smooth to very bumpy. If you get off line in turns 6 or 7, or hit a pedal in these turns, you will probably crash. Standing on the start line, you are facing southwest.


   Sunny and 95 degrees in the shade. At the start of the race, the wind is calm and an east wind develops during the race ( in your face from turn 7 to turn 8 ). It usually rains late in the race, even if at the start, it is sunny. Typically, racers start this race with alittle less air in their tires as a "happy medium" between dry and wet pavement.

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