2000 Bannock Criterium

August 2000
Denver, Colorado 'Bannock Street' Pro 1-2 Criterium


    These samples were made 16+ years ago in 2000 (4 years before GoPro was created) when the internet was a lot slower
so these samples are very de-tuned so they would download quicker.
The actual movie is "movie quality".

   The course is a 1+ mile, 8 turn criterium located in Denver, Colorado. The course is relatively flat, with about a 4 meter drop between turns 5 and 6 and then a 4 meter gain from turns 7 to 8. The road surface is asphalt and varies from not smooth to very bumpy. If you get off line in turns 6 or 7, or hit a pedal in these turns, you will probably crash. Standing on the start line, you are facing southwest.

   Part way into the race, you pass a crash in turn #7 and later you are almost crashed by a mountain biker riding like he is the only person on a single track trail. Christian McCarthy (Belgian Brewery) and Christian Vand de Velde (USPS) lap. After half way, a chase group forms off the front. Joby Siciliano ( Tokyo Joes ) can be seen attacking and successfully bridging.

Bannock Criterium, turn number 8 at 33mph
    33 mph

Nipple surfing in Colorado

One lap of Bannock Pro 1/2 bicycle race
    Whole lap